Worthing Open Exhibition 2017

On Saturday I once again visited the Open Art Exhibition at Worthing Museum. It was so crowded on the preview evening back in November that I didn’t really have a chance to look at all the work in detail. With Christmas out of the way and the New Year well and truly begun I had the time to revisit. The Society are very well represented at the show with seventeen m-russellpieces of artwork by Society members. I asked permission to photograph the work in situ and have added a new gallery page to this site. Here is an example – a beautiful painting of an oriental bowl and bamboo by our new Treasurer, Mary Russell. I also noticed a red dot on someone’s work! Well done Marie for making a sale! The exhibition is on until March so there is still time for another look. Well done to everyone who had work accepted. The standard was very high this year and I know that some very talented artists were disappointed. As a past selector and judge I know how difficult it is to choose the final selection but I was surprised this year of how much lovely work was not selected for the show.

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