WAOH’s art trail

Worthing Artists’ Open Houses’ art trail will take place in June and July this year. Many society members take part in the annual trail and I would like to spread the word in the next few months to advertise everyone’s venue. WSAS chairman, Andrew Griffiths and the Programme Secretary, Steve Carroll will be among the guest artists showing their work in Pavilion Road along with society members Marcus Finch, Maureen Hagger and myself. I have set up a website to showcase some of the work along with information about Andrew Griffiths 3drawing and painting workshops that will take place at the venue (details nearer the time). The website address is http://www.waohpavilionroad.wordpress.com. where you can see images by the artists who will be showing work in my house, including this painting by our Chairman Andrew.

If any other society members are planning to participate in the Worthing trail or other art trails in the summer months, such as Brighton, Adur or Arundel, please forward your information to me so that I can ‘spread the word’ on this site. I will set up a page to feature images from the Worthing Trail when the time comes and remember to send info or images from any other exhibitions in which you have or are going to have your work displayed.

Maggie – Exhibition Organiser, West Sussex Art Society